Monday, October 24, 2011

Over the SEC and the World Series

I finished watching Felicity on Netflix. I liked it up until the last five episodes dealing with time travel. It should have just ended with the graduation episode. Now I need a new show on Netflix to watch. Suggestions? Of course, in the meantime I'm in season three of Friday Night Lights. Big surprise. But I think this is the best season.

I read on Saturday that Mizzou is having the worst start since the 2002 season. Guess who was a freshman in 2002? Yep, I'm afraid it's bad for the team if I live in Columbia. The best seasons were when I was far away.

To make up for the fact Mizzou is having a rough season, the Cardinals are in the World Series. Can you sense my enthusiasm? Yeah, I'm over this whole postseason thing. I like when my students show up to class and don't spend entire shifts keeping up with the score of the game.

Speaking of Mizzou football, this whole Mizzou/SEC thing is going to give me gray hair. Obviously, it would be huge news for us, but the waiting for news to dribble out is incredibly frustrating. I'm trying not to have an opinion, as it seems like a done deal, but I have a hard time picturing Mizzou in the SEC. And now I find out that Mizzou would be in the SEC East. Does anyone in the NCAA own a map? But if I end up back on the East Coast next fall, maybe I'll be able to see some games, possibly in the other Columbia...

Halloween is quite possibly my least favorite holiday. I have a whole rant about Halloween, but I'll spare you. However, now that I live in a house, I realized I might actually have trick-or-treaters. But I'm curious, do kids even trick-or-treat anymore? And do they go out on a school night?

That's all my randomness for today.

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