Monday, December 5, 2011


When I was back home for the wedding, I was frequently asked if I was still cooking. The answer is yes, but I haven't made anything exciting. Mostly I cook soup, and soon I'll post some recipes. But this post is about work because that is what I'm really enjoying in life right now.

I worked the second half of Thanksgiving week, and I discovered two things: (1) It's much more efficient to do the work yourself, rather than delegating to students and then talking them through it. But (2) it's really boring to be at work without students.

So last week I was glad to see the students again and for things to be more normal at work. I found myself frustrated with having to delegate again, but I love when the newsroom is full and loud. Only students would find a YouTube video of a guy playing Silent Night on a nose flute (at the encouragement of an editor, I'll add).

On Friday, the capstone class, which is the final class seniors take, was making a presentation. This semester, I've worked closely with the majority of the students in that class, so I made a point to be there. They had all dressed up and were on top of their game. I've only known them for a semester, but I was so proud of them.

And while I really enjoy my time with the students, I sometimes feel like I'm just one more person telling them what to do and assume they are sick of me. But on Friday, when I walked in to the presentation, one of the students I work with on a daily basis gave me the handout. In her face I saw that she was excited I was there. At that moment, I thought, this is what it's all about.

I love that this job allows me to do journalism work, in particular community news, which had been missing from my life for a couple of years. But this would just be any other job if it weren't for the students. Working with them, teaching them, cheering for their success is what makes this job so unique.

Yes, there are times I want to strangle certain students or tie them to their chair so they will focus. Or other times I just want them to stop asking me questions. But it just isn't the same without them.

As the semester is coming to an end, I'm realizing there is about to be a major turnover. Some students will graduate, others will come back to work as TAs and there will be a whole new batch to train as copy editors. I'll be sad to see the seniors leave, but the turnover is what keeps this job exciting. In every other job after six months or so I'm begging my boss for a new challenge, but the challenge is built into this job with the change of the semester.

And if you want to read some of the great stuff our students are doing, check out this inspiring story: Kelsi Poe: The girl who fell at Quinton's builds an entirely new life

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