Friday, June 1, 2012


My mom and dad came up for Memorial Day weekend, and I enjoyed showing them around Columbia and just getting some good time with them. I hadn't seen them since Christmas!

My mom took most of the pictures, so I don't actually have any photographic proof they were here but they were. Here are the few pics I have:

Beautiful sunset

Enjoying the view at the winery

I did miscalculate the number of places that would be closed on Memorial Day. My brilliant plan to visit Rocheport, a small town west of Columbia, and eat dinner at the winery didn't turn out to be so brilliant. Pretty much everything in Rocheport was closed, including the dinner place at the winery. Despite the heat, we enjoyed walking a portion of the trail that runs across the state and having a glass of wine with a view of the river. We came back into town for dinner and managed to find one place that was open.

On Monday I also got a surprise visit from a friend I worked with in Charlottesville. It was fun to catch up with her briefly and hear how things were going there. While I really enjoyed some of the people I worked with there, listening to her talk about my old workplace made me so grateful for what I get to do here.

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