Friday, November 2, 2012


I haven't written much about J and how we met. Mostly, I've wanted to protect our privacy and avoid the trail of the world wide web. But it has no doubt been a big part of my life for the last eight months, and it seems odd to have left it out of this blog, especially since it's how we even met. So I'm going to be filling in the blanks in some random posts over the next few months.

In case you missed it, I let my sister write about me on this blog to include on Kelly's Korner's Show Us Your Singles. J's cousin's wife clicked on the link on Kelly's blog and got in touch with me about J. She and I emailed back and forth, and then she gave my information to J. He emailed and then called, and eight days later we went on a date. I'm still in awe of how it all came about. But J and I were talking recently about how perfect the timing was.

J had left his full-time job as an engineer for a construction company in town to have the chance to go in a different direction career-wise. In the meantime, he was finishing building a house, and when I say building, I mean he built it all himself. I had been told all of this ahead of time, and on our date he explained his unhappiness in his previous job and his aspirations for what he wanted to do next. And these weren't just vague plans, he was taking a class and actively applying for jobs.

I had been back in Columbia for six months and had my dream job. Work consumed me, but I loved it. However, in the months before I left Charlottesville, I was miserable in my job. I wasn't passionate about what I did, and it really was just a job that I felt stuck in. There were times in my job hunt that I wanted to walk away from that job without something else lined up. I wasn't in a position to do that, but the thought crossed my mind. Fortunately, God had me waiting until this dream job became an option and brought me to Columbia.

So when we were on our first date, I got where he was coming from. I understood why he left his job, and I was impressed that he was in a position to do that. Two years earlier, I probably would have written him off because he didn't have a job, but when we met, the unemployed thing didn't bother me. And just as he finished his house, the right opportunity came along for him, and he has a great job that he's enjoying.

On the other side, J says one of the reasons he was attracted to me was because I was so passionate about my job. I can definitely get on a soapbox about what I do these days, and I know I did that on our first date. But it wasn't a turnoff for him. He wasn't intimidated by my job or resentful of the fact that I care so much about it that it often consumes me. Since he started his new job back in May, we've discovered that we have similar work habits, i.e. we are both admitted workaholics. But again, a year earlier, I couldn't have cared less about my job. It's not possible for me not to do a job well, but instead of talking about how much I love my job, I would have been whining about how much I hated it, which probably would have been a turnoff for J.

So God picked this exact time to bring us together. Obviously, a big part of the timing is also that I actually picked up and moved halfway across the country six months earlier. But it was more than coincidence. God had each of our hearts in the right place when we met.


  1. I just sat here and read your story of meeting and then went over and read about the proposal. I cried like a baby and had to show Hubby. So very sweet! God bless you both as you marry! God is all about timing! And it is always PERFECT!

    Kelly's Mom

  2. I'm a Kelly's Korner follower, was reading her latest post about the couples that are engaged or have been married due to Singles Friday blog posting.
    I just had to stop by and say Congratulations! Yes, God is about timing!

  3. I've been a Kelly readers for years. As I read your blog, I see we don't live too far away. We are south of Jefferson City.
    We did the Heritage Festival in Columbia about a month ago. By chance did you all come by?
    My daughter is a 2006 grad of MU J school. She is a news producer in Oklahoma City, her hubby is a weather man there.
    Congratulations on the engagement!!!

  4. Congratulations on your engagement! What a beautiful story! I'm a fellow Mizzou alum and an engaged lady...I was intrigued by the Mizzou shirt in your picture on Kelly's Korner and found you live in Columbia! Wishing you a joyous engagement (such a fun time in life, I know I'm enjoying it!) and a blessed marriage!!

  5. What an awesome love story! Soooo neat to see God's timing play out! Congratulations on your engagement!