Monday, March 22, 2010

But you can cook...

That may be what some (or maybe just a few) of you are thinking. 

Yes, a certain newsroom would tell you that I made the best brownies and cookies ever to enter the newsroom that day. My new co-workers are a little harder to please, but I never take any cake balls home. I’ve won a prize for my garlic cheese grits at a potluck, and my cheeseball is usually quite popular. But there’s a trend here, if you think I can cook, you’ve probably only eaten something I've made involving chocolate or cheese.

You see, I’m great at making a side dish for a potluck or a dessert that will be a hit with everyone, but I’m terrible at the day-to-day cooking for myself. If I were to make all of my best recipes, I still wouldn’t come up with an actual meal.

I’ve lived alone for four years, which I absolutely love, but instead of getting better at making dinner, I think I’ve actually digressed quite a bit from the anxious new college grad in my own apartment. And these days I’m pretty convinced I can survive on Cheerios and Bagel Bites. 

So you can see where I need some motivation. My hope is that this project will force me to try new things and find a way to enjoy cooking for myself. Recipes and suggestions are welcome.

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