Monday, July 5, 2010

Small-town America

One of the great things about the Fourth of July is finding those celebrations that seem to fit the stereotypical small-town America experience. This weekend I found exactly that. I went with a friend and her mom over to a small town about 30 minutes away where there was a big parade. 

The parade definitely had character and was an interesting snapshot of the town we were in; as my friend said, "you drive 30 minutes away and you are often in whole other worlds." Here are a few of the highlights of the parade.

Revolutionary War re-enactors, they actually shot blanks out of those guns.

The Confederacy was not far behind.

Gotta have bagpipes.

They had a "Miss" everything for two-year-olds to college-aged beauty queens.

And I know a certain someone who would have made the perfect t-ball princess when she was younger, if only my hometown had parades like this.

These cars cracked me up especially since the cars are so small but they are driven by full-grown men.

And what else says America but a good mullet.

After my small-town America experience, I decided on a whim to host my own cookout before the fireworks in my town. It wasn't really a "cookout" since I was cooking hot dogs and hamburgers on my grill pan, but several friends gathered here for dinner and then we walked over to enjoy an excellent fireworks show.

And now I'm soaking up an extra day off. Hope everyone had a good Fourth!

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  1. Not even just full-grown men...but full-grown older men!