Friday, February 11, 2011

Kitchen organization

I don't know that I will ever really have an organized kitchen. I tend to clean my kitchen right before I do some major baking or cooking, so then it's a mess again and I clean what I have to but don't return it to the ideal condition.

But my goal was to have more space in the cabinets I use the most. Basically, I hate constantly moving stuff to get to what I need. The best way to do this was to use the space under my sink for some of the stuff I don't use very frequently.

The problem: Plastic bags. Does anyone else hoard them like I do? During co-op season I put them to good use, but they still take over the cabinet under my sink. This was the situation:

It's been worse, this was four years ago in my old apartment:

But this is the cabinet under my sink now:

I also got this to handle foils, wraps, etc.

This cleared up space in this weird corner cabinet I have. Here's before:

And after:

And that in turn cleared up space in my food cabinet.


And I think that's as organized as I'm going to get in this kitchen. My next task is the refrigerator. I broke a jar trying squeeze in one more thing the other night.

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  1. I need to show you how to roll up your plastic bags. They take up one-tenth of the space if you do. IT IS AMAZING!