Monday, February 7, 2011

Super Bowl

I don't watch a single NFL game all year but rarely miss the Super Bowl. For me, of course, it is all about the social aspect and the commercials. 

I always go to a Super Bowl party, or sometimes more than one, cheer with the majority or for whichever team is winning, eat good food and chat with friends. Most of the time I don't even know who's playing until sometime in the first quarter.

This year was mostly the same, except that this year I did care just a tiny bit more about the teams. I'm not saying I'm a die-hard fan or made any bets on the game, but I was cheering for the Packers and not just because they were winning the whole time.

I spent a summer in Milwaukee for an internship at the Journal-Sentinel. It was one of the most fun summers I had in college. I was skeptical coming off a semester abroad in London, but Milwaukee proved to be a fun city with plenty to do. And Milwaukee is not Green Bay, but I still left there with a cheesehead.

I also visited Green Bay a few months later, and pretty much the only thing I saw besides the airport and the newspaper building was the Packers stadium.

So I have this very weak connection to Wisconsin and on Sunday night it made me a Packers fan. Fortunately, it worked out well.

On another note, I think appearance and size are more than half the battle in making a crowd friendly dessert. I made almost 70 mini cupcakes. Nothing special, just a devil's food cake mix, cream cheese icing and some Valentine's sprinkles. But they were a hit — at least at the second party.

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