Thursday, June 2, 2011

Finally, a post

I know it has been a while since I've posted. There's been some life stuff going that I can't write about, and it's consuming my thoughts, so I've struggled to blog about anything else. But I'll try to catch you up on some other things.

It's summer. The students are gone, and I've pulled out my skirts and dresses. It also means flip flop season. Basically you'll see me in one of three pairs this summer:

I spent Memorial Day weekend in Tennessee. I spent a lot of quality time with this baby girl, wearing a dress from her aunt:

She is quite a fish in the pool and also looks very cute in her swimsuit.

I also got to show off my hometown to two of my friends from Virginia. Of course, I hardly took any pictures, but here's one of us checking out the view at the hang gliding launch, no we did not hang glide.

I've managed to stack three short work weeks together, four days last week, three days this week and next week. But I'm reminded that the last day before vacation and the first day back are pretty rough.

In co-op news, I just got beets. Last year, I decided I didn't like them, but I'm still looking for another way to eat them. Suggestions? I am going to try the leaves this time. I also got tomatoes and zucchini this time, and I am excited about that.


  1. i love mm.
    also, i have this bookmarked

  2. I don't even think I saw the beaded sandals last year!

  3. I have beets too! I think I'm going to roast some tonight. I haven't eaten beets since I went to Russia in high school and ate borscht every day for three weeks. I'm excited to try them again!