Wednesday, June 8, 2011

St. Louis trip

For several months, I have been wanting to visit Missouri and see college friends and some Georgia friends who have relocated. The last time I saw a lot of these people was five or six years ago, and I felt like it was time I make the trip out. I debated when to go, thinking I should go for a big event, but I ultimately landed on this past weekend for a number of reasons but mostly because there would be several people in town. And I got to do this trip on my terms.

The introvert that I am, I'd much rather get one-on-one time with several people than go to a big event or party and be overwhelmed with all the people. So that's exactly what I did. I was in town for about three days total and had every meal booked, as well as some plans in between meals. It was so good to reconnect with people I haven't seen in a very long time and fall back into the comfortable friendship we had years ago.

I was amused at the fact that everyone I saw in St. Louis, I had known when we lived somewhere else. I saw friends I studied with in London, roommates from the sorority house, other college friends and two families from my church in Georgia.

I tried to get photos with everyone I got to see, but missed getting a photo with my friend Sarah. Since my trip was wrapped up entirely with seeing friends, these are about the only photos I have (all from my iPhone):

Lunch with Carrie who studied in London with me.

Coralie and Jawan, Georgia friends. (I had to laugh when I called and they said to meet them at Cabella's, which is a hunting/fishing/outdoor store. I found it appropriate I was meeting my Southern friends at such a place in the Midwest.)

Dinner with Becky, one of my roommates in college. I also got to crash at her house for the weekend.

Lunch with Ryan, a friend from college.


Dinner with Ashley, another roommate from college. We lived together for a semester in a single room with a total of 5 girls. It was one of the best semesters in college for me.

No photo but breakfast Sarah, who was also in London with me.

Dinner and drinks with Chip, who lived in my dorm freshman year.

And finally bagels with my Georgia friends in seminary in St. Louis with their kids (they belong to Coralie in the picture above). The last time I saw these two, they were a few weeks old and not yet 2, now they are almost 2 and 4. Not pictured is their 6-week-old sister.

And that pretty much sums up my trip. It was a blast, and I realized I need to find a way to see all these people more.

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