Monday, August 15, 2011

Things I didn't expect (moving edition)

Well, I've made it to Missouri and actually feel settled in my new house. I'm not sure how regularly I'll be blogging once work starts but I have a few posts about the move in mind.

I think this is true for any move, but as much as I planned and tried to be prepared and organized, the actual move didn't match any of the scenarios I was expecting. In fact, there were a lot of things I didn't expect -- both good and bad. Here's my list because I think it's a good summary of the move, and in the end the good things definitely outweighed the bad.

Things I didn't expect:
  • To move out of my apartment in the middle of the night. The movers showed up at 10 p.m. and finished at 12:30 a.m. after waking up my neighbors. But the movers did show up after I spent a lot of time worrying that they wouldn't show at all.
  • To get to Missouri at 2:30 a.m. after a 15-hour drive because we had to beat the movers.
  • For the 15-hour drive to fly by as I chatted with my mom and enjoyed the scenery.
  • For all of my stuff to weigh 5,000 pounds, considering all estimates were between 3,000 pounds and 4,000 pounds.
  • To not have a bank branch within a two-hour drive. Lots of drama about this, which will ultimately require me to drive to Kansas to get money back on a cashier's check.
  • For it to be so easy to get a money order from the post office and to find a post office that stays open until 7 p.m.
  • For my movers to actually show up with my stuff on the first day of the delivery window. I had visions of waiting several days to get my stuff, but it was all moved in 14 hours after I arrived.
  • For it to be 75 degrees in August when the movers unloaded my stuff.
  • To get so lucky for the second time of renting a place sight unseen. My house is perfect!
  • To have to get a new social security card and for it to take less than 15 minutes to do it.
  • To meet a potential friend on my first night in town.
  • To have to break into my own house on my second night. Lesson learned and now all windows are either locked or nailed shut so no one else can break in.