Friday, August 5, 2011

Things I'll miss

Most of all I'm going to miss my friends and the community I had here. But here's some other things I'll miss from my life here:
  • Walking to work (and to pretty much anything else I need)
  • The Downtown Mall
  • Restaurants, particularly my lunch favorites: Eppie's, The Country Store (best salad bar)
  • My apartment and neighborhood
  • My church (I think I'll still be downloading sermons.)
  • The mountains
  • Convenience to my best friend from high school and my sister
  • My co-op and the farmer's market
  • The never-ending list of things to do and events in town
  • Court Square (Just love this little part of downtown I walked through everyday.)
  • Fall (yes, there will be a fall in Missouri but not nearly as beautiful as it is here)
  • Monticello trail (and walking it with friends)
There's probably much more I'll add to this list once I've actually moved.

Since graduating from high school, I've lived in six cities for varying lengths of time, and I have to say that this one wins as my favorite so far. Before I moved here, I knew nothing about the city and actually thought I wanted something bigger, but I quickly discovered this city was exactly what I wanted, and it makes me think college towns are the best places to live. I definitely hope that somehow I end up back here, but it's fun to experience new cities and, hopefully, re-experience a city I've already lived in.

OK, back to the boxes!

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