Friday, September 2, 2011

A few lessons

I've thought of some things to blog about, but with a new job and the start of classes, I don't have enough coherent thoughts to turn those thoughts into a post once I've left the newsroom. 

But here's some things I've learned this week:

Leave food (opened or unopened) unattended in a newsroom, and someone will eat it. I lost a bag of chips this week.

There's a reason the previous tenants did not have a battery in one of the smoke detectors. I haven't taken it back out, but I've gotten used to it going off every time I open the oven.

Newspapers like to have lots of meetings. On Thursday I was in four, and somehow missed lunch.

College football is a big deal, even if I'm not at an SEC school. I had the first of many "does football belong on the front page?" debates on Thursday.

When I love my job, I don't even realize how late I'm working. It's fun to be back in this environment.

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