Wednesday, September 7, 2011

A hint of fall

I hate to brag about the weather here because it seems like everywhere else is being slammed with rain or in a drought. But we are having some perfect weather here — low 70s, slight breeze and blue sky. I tried to take full advantage of it over the weekend.

There's a great trail I can get to from my house without driving that weaves through town without ever going on a street or crossing one. On Sunday afternoon I pulled my bike out and got in a 10-mile ride. And then after I worked on Monday, I headed out again to try and revive my couch to 5-K attempt. I went back a couple of weeks and definitely struggled, but it was good to be out exercising again.

On Friday afternoon, I was driving around town, and I found myself stopping at an intersection and thinking, there's something missing here. Then it occurred to me that I was expecting to see mountains in the landscape. Of course, there are no mountains, not even rolling hills. It is very flat. But as I rode my bike on the trail on Sunday and jogged on Friday, I was grateful that it was flat and there was no point where I needed to walk my bike.

I made about three attempts to ride my bike back in Virginia, and every time I found myself walking almost more than riding because I was literally trying to ride my bike up mountains. So I guess there is something to be said for a flat landscape.

Anyway, I hope this weather is here to stay. I've already started pulling out my fall wardrobe.

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  1. You have totally succeeded in inciting a bit of envy in my heart. No hills. Fall wardrobe. Perhaps b/c I was born in Michigan, I have a penchant for flat land. When I think about moving away from VA--my vision is for flat land in immediate vicinity, but with mountains still in sight. And I am so ready for ANYTHING FALL - especially bonfires, camping, tailgating, turning leaves and my fall wardrobe. However sadly, this semester I'm probably not going to get to enjoy those things as much with nursing school sucking every ounce of my attention. :( This too shall pass, and Lord willing I will get to enjoy autumn to it's fullest next year. Did I ever tell you I want to fall in love in the fall?