Monday, May 14, 2012

A long way

This weekend I was searching the blog for a recipe I thought I had posted about. Turns out I never did. But I came across some of those early posts when I got my first co-op shares two years ago. Here's a sentence from when I got my second pick-up:

"I've almost finished off the asparagus (I know my family is shocked reading that)..."

It was an accomplishment to finish off asparagus. Now I'm lucky to stretch one bunch over two days. I guess I have come a long way since then. And with most of the produce I get now, I just want to eat it as simply as possible. I don't need a complicated way to make it taste better because I like it as is.

In other news, the semester is over. I have finished all the grading and will have a quiet week in the newsroom before the summer crew comes in next week. 

I had to say goodbye to some seniors and masters students graduating on Saturday. The constant churn of students can be exhausting, but it amazes me how attached I've gotten to the ones that stick around for more than a semester. A co-worker strongly urged me to go to graduation, so there would be some closure and a real goodbye to those that are leaving. And I am really glad I went; I think it actually meant more as a faculty member than it did it when I was a graduate. There were some that it's a miracle they got to walk across the stage and others I would have loved to keep around for another year. And still some I didn't know were graduating, so I wasn't quite prepared to lose them. But a new batch will come through, and the cycle will start again.

And my life will really return to normal on Friday evening. I take the GRE Friday afternoon and will be so relieved to have it behind me. So I either won't post at all this week or will post more than usual to procrastinate. But hopefully more regular posts will resume after Friday.

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