Monday, August 20, 2012

Not always joy

A lot of my friends from different parts of my life are in the having kids stage. I love seeing pictures of their little ones and often find it hard to believe that someone my age has a kindergartner. I got to see a good friend from high school while I was at home and meet her 18-month-old daughter. It is so wonderful to see my friends as parents.

But this week I realized that the having kids stage is not always filled with joy. A friend from college and a friend I knew from an internship both delivered stillborn babies in the last two weeks. When I found out about the second one on Sunday, tears spilled down my cheeks. Both of the couples are fully relying on God for strength in this and trusting Him in the hardship, but my heart just breaks for them. I know the nurseries were ready, names had been chosen and showers had been thrown, but there's no baby to bring home.

And then another friend I know from my first job is waiting to find out if her 3-week-old son has cystic fibrosis. Whatever the diagnosis, I know that little boy is lucky to have my friends as parents, but I just ache for them as they wait for news and could have to navigate a difficult disease.

I know that God is in all things and is comforting these friends, but it is still hard to see them walk these hard roads.

This is a depressing post, but this has just been on my heart for the last few days.

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