Monday, June 21, 2010

Another pick-up

Every time I go to my pick-up, they always ask me if I'm enjoying what I've been getting. I have to hold back so I don't sound like a crazy person, but I want to tell them that this has changed everything I knew about cooking and eating. I've tried things that I refused for the last 26 years and discovered I like a lot more things than I realized. I no longer dread dinner and even eat lunch at home most days.

I've been getting pretty similar stuff for the last couple of pickups, so I was excited to find some variety in this week's pickup, including peaches and green beans, both of which I normally reject so hopefully they will be redeemed.

I was told there would be no more cherries, but they were back this week and better than the last time.

Green beans

New potatoes (I actually cheated and got these instead of green peppers, I do have limits in trying things.)

Bibb lettuce (I seriously don't know what I am going to do when this is not in my share.)

Grape tomatoes (Yes, they came in a plastic container but if you saw the wacky shape of these things you would know they are fresh from a local farm where not everything comes out perfect.)



I'm told pretty soon we'll have a "produce tsunami" where I'll be getting lots of produce, as if I don't get enough. (Note that the photos don't represent the full share of everything.)


  1. You know that you are killing me with this...I TRIED to introduce you to new foods!

  2. A may want to wait to wash off your goodies until you are ready to eat or cook them. You may not have a problem because you eat yours quickly, but often, washing ahead makes stuff go bad sooner.

    And some good news, you should have lettuce (mostly Bibb) through the rest of the share or at least it comes back for the fall. I started my share late last year (maybe July or beginning of August) and had it until nearly mid-December when they go on hiatus for a while.

  3. I am a little challenged this week trying to come up with recipes for produce that are also soft. :) I've made the peaches into milkshakes and roasted the tomatoes in the toaster oven. I currently have my sights set on my green beans. Ideas?