Monday, August 23, 2010

Weekend recap in list form

I mentioned in another post that I've been dreading the return of students and was especially dreading this weekend — move-in weekend. This is what I found at Bed Bath and Beyond on Friday night. I didn't dare go in, just documented it from the parking lot.

But I was able to escape the city Saturday and Sunday and skip most of the craziness. And I had a wonderful weekend. Rather than give you a total play-by-play, here's a list with some photos that pretty much sum things up (also more photos on Facebook).

1. I live in a beautiful part of the country, every time I start to take it for granted I find myself in awe of it all over again. On Saturday we visited some caverns that were pretty incredible. My photos don't begin to do it justice, but it was really impressive.

And then Sunday I was out at a vineyard to watch a polo match, and I felt like I was in a movie. Blue sky, white clouds, mountains and green as far as you can see.

2. I love books and cannot be trusted at something like this. I got about 15 books for a third of the price. If I had stayed longer, I would have gotten double the number of books. Of course now that I've been, I know I won't be able to stay away.

There were three rooms, and the other two were even bigger than this.

3. I'm still a kid at heart. In the caverns I was much more entertained by the children's audio guide than the adult one. It was much more entertaining and gave me specific things to look for. Like this ghost:

And at the book fair most of my purchases were for a baby girl arriving in December (not mine, just to be clear). When I got home, I sat and read the books, which are some of my favorites. I also spent Sunday morning training to volunteer in a pre-kindergarten Sunday School class this year, and I am so excited to get to spend time around four- and five-year-olds every week.

4. This town has every type of ice cream out there. We've got gelato, homemade ice cream, frozen custard and the latest — frozen yogurt. Yes, we now have one of those places where you fill your own cup and add whatever toppings you want. I went for the second time this weekend and am still perfecting my combination. It's dangerous because it's four blocks away and nonfat, which makes me feel better but is not true when I add the toppings.

5. On Sunday afternoon after the polo match, we drove to a neighborhood where they filmed Evan Almighty and toured some model homes. We were in a town about 20 minutes from where I live, so I wasn't looking seriously. But I realized I'm at an age where it wouldn't be strange for me to be looking for a house, and I was making mental notes about what I like and don't like. Of course at this point I'm not willing to give up my location to actually buy something (see above, I'm four blocks from frozen yogurt), so it's still a someday thing but it never hurts to look.

6. As much as I was moaning and groaning about the arrival of students and the end of my quiet summer, I actually enjoy the excitement they bring. I was downtown on Saturday night, and it was so much more lively than it has been for most of the summer. Even church this morning felt more alive, and I was glad to see it so full and hear the strength of all our voices in worship.

7. I have such great friends. My only plan for the weekend was to go to the caverns and the book fair, but I ended up with a very full weekend that I loved. It's great that I live in a place where there's always something to do, but even better that I have friends to do things with!

8. I did zero cooking this weekend. I have no idea when I'm going to post recipes next. And I felt the need to end this on an even number.


  1. polo match - yes, just like a movie. did you wear a hat? did you know in dc they play street polo on bicycles on outdoor basketball courts? it's intense and you have plastic blockers on your wheels...most impressive.
    love this post btw.