Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Still surprising myself

My pick-up this week had some of the same but also some new things. Green beans returned, and I realized I had actually missed them, despite this post. Plus they were the thin, round ones, which I prefer to the flat ones. Cantaloupes were repeated, and lettuce really is sticking around.

But I got a watermelon, which is a first.

And the first of what I expect will be many shares of apples.

And then I got peppers. Somehow I have avoided peppers, even though they have been on the list before. I either trade them or they've been out of them anyway by the time I pick up. Not this week, though. I got a green pepper and these snack peppers:

Of all the things I am picky about and have actually come to like, I never expected peppers to make the list of things I would even try, much less like. Anytime peppers have been in a salad or something I wasn't expecting and I've gotten a bite of one, I would either spit it out or swallow it whole. I was not very polite about not liking peppers.

But I have eaten and even liked these snack peppers. Even though they have the pepper smell, they are actually sweet and not spicy at all. I'm not saying I'm going to like all peppers, but I might be more willing to taste them. So far I've stuffed them with goat cheese and warmed them in the toaster oven, put them on a pizza and just eaten them plain.

I'm wondering what else I will be surprised by over the next few months.

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