Monday, September 13, 2010

Change in season

I've been looking forward to the change in season not just because fall is my favorite season and it was a miserably hot summer, but also because it brings some variety to my pick-ups.

And this week, I definitely got some variety, including some things I have never heard of, much less tasted.

This is a Lambkin melon, it's just a little sweeter than cantaloupe. I don't usually eat honeydew melon, but I would guess it has a similar flavor.

Though I have plenty of produce every week, I have still missed a few things, including grapes. But this week I got grapes, but they are concord grapes and unlike any other grape I've ever had. It's like a explosion of grape juice when you bite into one.

Then there's this:

I posted this photo on Facebook over the weekend and was told it is a delicata squash. I haven't had time to do anything with it, but I'm sure I will be posting about it this week.

I'm definitely getting to try new things!

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