Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Lost in the corn

I had a friend in high school that attended college in the nation's capital. When she found out I was going to the Midwest for college, her comment was: "Isn't it just cornfields there."

I insisted that I was going to a decent-sized college town just two hours away from two major Midwestern cities. But I couldn't deny that I had to drive through a lot of cornfields to get my college town. It also wasn't long before I discovered cornfields can also be a lot of fun. And every fall I found myself visiting a corn maze with friends.

It's been five years since I went through a corn maze, but this weekend I changed that and went to my first corn maze in Virginia. And I realized that there are just some things the Midwest does better than the East Coast.

I dug up this photo from the corn maze I went to in college. Notice the tiger sign, that was the shape of the maze that year. (Also, this photo is from freshman year, and I have to admit I cannot remember who these people are.)

Here's an attempt at a photo of the corn maze I went to this past weekend. There was no plan, just a four-wheeler knocking down corn.

Of course, I still had a blast at the corn maze with friends. We even won pie pumpkins and got to enjoy a hayride to and from the maze through some beautiful scenery (an area where the Midwest loses).

I don't want to diminish the fun I had this weekend. I just feel like I am constantly raving about this place where I live, and I felt like I shouldn't forget my Midwestern life on this blog.

Here are some additional photos from the apple festival I went to where the corn maze was. Unfortunately, it was about 90 degrees, and I was sweating through it all.

The apple sling shot: Five apples for a dollar.
I would be pretty happy living in this house.

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  1. I want to move to a farm in Virginia...or Northeast TN... I want to, I want to...