Wednesday, December 15, 2010


Apparently as I get older, I am taking on hobbies.

I've never been a hobby person. I always dread that question in any situation -- sorority rush, icebreaker games, a date, on my Facebook profile, etc. My default answer is always reading, but that always leads to the question, "What have you read lately?" And then I either can't remember or don't want to admit to the latest chick lit book I've read.

But 2010 is apparently the year for new hobbies, and I'm glad to finally have an answer to that annoying question. Cooking is the main one for the year, and I would say writing about it is a related hobby. And my newest hobby is sewing.

Due to some inspiration from the fabric book acquisition, I asked for a sewing machine for my birthday from my parents. My mom wanted me to pick it out, but I had no idea what I was even looking for. The last time I sewed was in home ec class in sixth grade (if it makes you feel better, after that year, home ec was replaced with computer class). But my mom, sister and grandmother are all very adept at sewing and knew what they were looking for.

And they picked out a pretty amazing sewing machine. 

I'm not sure I will use all the features, but when it measured my button and created a buttonhole the right size with me just pushing the pedal, I could only stand back in awe.

I feel like I can make anything with it, and it's so easy to Google and find patterns and tutorials, much like finding recipes. Over the last three weeks, I've been making things like crazy. Of course, I can't really show you anything because most of it is gifts. But I did make this bag for me:

And next on my hobby list: Photography. I bought a used DSLR camera from a friend a couple of months ago but it hasn't left my apartment yet, so I need to Google and find some tutorials on that.


  1. Wow girl. You're on your way to becoming Pioneer Woman the sequel!

  2. awesome! we can have a craft night next time I'm in town visiting Andrea. :) We've been trying to figure out what to make with all our fabric books. thanks for those by the way.

  3. Like! I'm trying to work on my sewing and maybe upgrade my starter machine next year. I like hearing how easy some are that may otherwise seem intimidating! And as Sarah said, yes! Plus, she and I are going to make a business out of yo yo's and other crafts with those fabric books. They are on the way.

  4. I have to see your new machine in action! Mine doesn't really do anything on its own and I bet yours has amazing features I never even imagined. And look how great your bag turned out! Awesome!!!

    P.S. I am totally with you on the hobby question, but now that you have an answer I feel like it's time for me to find one, too.