Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Fabric chaos

This is the current state of my living room:

There is a decorating store at the end of my street. I've never actually gone into the store because I'm sure I couldn't afford anything in it. But I walk past their garage/workshop a couple of times a day, where they are refinishing antiques and recovering furniture. And I dream of some future house that would have a dining room for the gorgeous chairs they are working on.

But anyway, every few months the store leaves their fabric swatch books outside by the garage for whoever wants them. I picked up a couple last spring and gave them to my sister. She was thrilled, so I picked up a couple more for her this summer.

But last week, there weren't just a couple of books outside, there were at least 20. I posted on Facebook to see if anyone wanted me to pick some up for them. I had one friend say she would take all of them if she lived closer. Three friends that do live close asked for a few. When I realized there must be some useful things I could do with these books, I picked up almost all of the books out there.

I'll be giving away some of the ones in my living room right now, but I'm making some plans for what I can do with the others and also looking for suggestions. Right now I'm thinking about placemats and maybe coasters. Any other ideas?


  1. I was going to use them for yo-yo's - a type of quilt that doesn't require a lot of fabric per piece. Or for flower brooches. Endless possibilities! :)

  2. I've framed fabric before and it looked like I had had custom artwork done. I've seen cool valances made with old handkerchiefs, so it seems like these would be about the same size. I like the flower idea. A few years ago for Halloween we made fabric pumpkins; basically just wrap some fall-colored fabric around a styrofoam ball or something else round, gather the fabric together at the top and secure it, and then wrap ribbon around the top so that it looks like a stem. You might need to see a picture for that one. It's hard to explain.