Friday, March 18, 2011

Sewing projects 2

I've been working on a few more sewing projects. I became obsessed with making these tote bags from pillowcases. I made 10 in total and gave them to family and friends while keeping two for myself. They are really easy to make, and don't require a lot of machine stitching. Here were the last four I remembered to take pictures of:

My mom sent me a care package several weeks ago full of fun goodies. A book about making bags was in it, and I've made most of one of the bags. I still have to hammer in the eyelets and add the straps, but here's the basic bag:

And then I followed this tutorial to make a spring/summer top. The picture is before I finished sewing on the straps. I made several adjustments in an attempt to make it more fitted, but I haven't worn it so we'll see how it actually looks.


I've determined online tutorials are easier to sew from than patterns. One, there are photos, and two, you can read the comments and find out what adjustments people made.

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