Friday, November 4, 2011

Some stuff

I tried hard to be a good sport for Halloween. And I will say I went to a Halloween party and had fun. However, I was all geared up for trick-or-treaters since I actually live in a house, but I didn't have any trick-or-treaters. And I have to say I was disappointed, I thought that would be a redeeming part of my bitterness against Halloween. The students loved the candy on Tuesday though.

The red cups and peppermint mochas are back at Starbucks. My office is a block and a half from Starbucks. This is dangerous.

When I was starting school at Mizzou, I didn't want to be the redneck from Tennessee. It took me a semester or two to lose the accent, but I was more concerned about other things that screamed I'm from out of state. I remember being excited that my dad and I flew to freshman orientation because it meant that we rented a car with Missouri license plates. Clearly, an important thing... But I was reminded of this when I put Missouri plates on my car. I have to admit I wasn't as excited as I might have been as a freshman or sophomore in college. I think part of it was I had to take off the Virginia plates, which took a lot of effort to get two years ago. I'm not sure the Missouri process had any fewer obstacles; I just wasn't trying to get it done in the first week I moved. Anyway, I'm really a Missouri resident now.

There was a whole season and a half of My Boys before I started watching. I realize I'm probably the only one that watched this show or has even heard of it, but it used to be on TBS at midnight when I would get off work at the newspaper. The good news is I get to watch it on instant Netflix.


  1. Jared and I both watched that! Loved that show and I miss it.

  2. I used to watch and was about to say Sarah did too and then saw comments. haha!