Friday, February 24, 2012


I hit a new low in food last night. I had less than 20 minutes between getting home from work and Bible study. The options were slim and in the time crunch, all I managed to put together was leftover taco meat with some Ranch dressing and cheese on top. No chips to make it nachos, no tortilla to make it a taco and no lettuce to make it a taco salad. A new low.

My weeks and even the weekends are getting full, which I am so thankful for, but it means that cooking is at the bottom of the list. And my old standbys just seem to be failing me. My last batch of tomato basil soup didn't turn out well, so I'm burned out on that. Tacos seemed like a good idea but then I ran out of stuff to put the meat on and it got ugly. I need more ideas for things that are good as leftovers and will be easy to pack for lunch at work (I have a fridge and a microwave there).

I'm anxious for the farmer's market to open back up and keep pinning zucchini recipes. Though I am also afraid that come April I will just be depressed that there is not a co-op box to pick up. I am going to start looking at some options here, but there have been some bad reviews of some of the CSAs so the farmer's market might be my best bet.


  1. Um, I just had a tomato garden vegetable soup from the fridge section at the Downtown Mall CVS purchased over the weekend because I really didn't want to also stop at the grocery store. Ha. (It was good though, and I did have a $3 off of $15...but still).

  2. I finally broke down and cooked up the dried chickpeas I had bought ages ago and they actually worked out really well for my hummus! I just put them in the Crockpot in the morning (after soaking them all night) and they were soft by the time I got home. Then I threw them in the food processor with my spices and I've been eating hummus for lunch. It's not exactly a full meal, but it's quick, easy, and portable.