Monday, February 6, 2012

Pinterest recipes I've actually tried

And now back to regular programming on the blog...

I've said before Pinterest is almost overwhelming with all these ideas I don't have time to do. But I've been more intentional about using it for recipes that are practical for me. Of course, I've pinned some fun ones, too.

Here's my review of what I've made:

Chicken Broccoli Supreme
This was advertised as a casserole that didn't use "cream of" something soup. But I realized when I made it, there is probably just as much if not more cream in it. I also attempted to cut the recipe down and put it in an 8x8 casserole dish, and I didn't adjust the sauce very well. In the end, I wish I had just made my mom's chicken devan or poppyseed chicken.

Hasselback potatoes
I actually like this one. It was a good alternative to a standard baked potato.

Krispy Kreme muffins
I'm convinced the muffins here are the same as a puffin from the Bread Basket on Signal Mountain. After I made them with the icing, I wished I had made them like a puffin: rolling it in sugar and cinnamon. But they were still great with the icing.

Nutella cupcakes
I only made the cupcakes from this, not the complicated three flavor swirl icing. I iced them with canned cream cheese icing. The cupcakes were good chocolate cupcakes, but they didn't really have a Nutella flavor. So there's another recipe I'd like to try sometime.

Artichoke bread
This might be my favorite. Basically, it's a dip spread on bread and baked. It's really easy and a crowd pleaser (I took it to a Super Bowl party).

That's what I have tried so far, but I bought the ingredients for a pasta dish I'm going to try this week.

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