Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Catching up

Hello, I'm still here. As usual, blogging has fallen to the bottom of my list. But here's a few random tidbits from life to catch you up.

I got involved with my sorority alumni group here. Based on my experience with the group in Georgia, I thought it would just be going to movies, meeting up for drinks and dinner, etc. Basically, a way to have a social life in a new city. Not so with this group. Eight of us just organized and hosted what turned out to be a huge event (almost 400 people) for chapters in our region. I ran around like a crazy person on Saturday keeping the event going. While I enjoyed helping out, I was reminded that event planning is not my thing. But if you ever need to hire an event planner, ask if they were in a sorority because those girls are organized, creative and efficient. I also came back with more sorority stuff than I need at this point in my life.

I finished Beth Moore's James study. I hope to have a real post on that soon.

I am also very close to being done with the book Quiet: The Power of Introverts and definitely plan to blog about it. It is a fascinating book especially if you are interested in the introvert/extrovert dynamic.

I just have one more week of GRE class, and I take the exam three weeks from Friday. I am just ready to have this behind me.

And one more thing that's almost done: The semester! Just three more weeks. Now that I know I'm staying, I am ready for this semester to end and hit reset on everything. It's been a rough few weeks, and I'm ready for the switchover. The end of the semester also means I'm that much closer to my trip to Ireland and London. 

The garden has been tilled, though I don't get any credit for that. I'm going to pick out plants and get them in the ground next weekend. A groundhog and three deer were in my yard this evening, so even if I can keep the plants alive, keeping the critters out is going to be a challenge.

And remember this post? Yeah, it actually worked, so I've been pretty distracted lately if you can't tell. He also gets the credit for tilling the garden and allowing me to cancel my lawn service.

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  1. My co-worker constantly tells me he is surprised I was not in a sorority in college because "they are really organized, excited about activities and people, and like to giggle." haha You're almost there with the GRE! We just finished week 2 of James, and I'm loving it. 49ish days until Ireland! AH!! So much to do before them but so looking forward to it! And I love how you announced that Katie's post worked ;)