Friday, October 8, 2010

A bit of encouragement

So this post is in line with what I wrote on Wednesday about how big God is. I've been writing it in my head all day, but I'm not sure it will all come out right, so please bear with me.

I came home on Wednesday, and as is my habit, I sat down to read through the various blogs I follow. A couple of blogs directed me to this post from Amy, a blogger I don't read. She was looking to encourage a friend and decided to bring in other bloggers to share their encouraging stories about God's faithfulness in their life — whatever stage of life. There were posts from married girls that struggled with singleness, couples that struggled with infertility, others who had struggled in job situations and even some from people still in their struggle.

I didn't click through every post, but I scanned a fair amount of them and it worked! I was definitely encouraged by those stories and remembering the work I've seen God doing in the lives of friends recently. It is exactly what God has been teaching me about how big He is. As Amy pointed out in her post: God can change things in a nanosecond, He is that powerful.

If you know me, you know that the struggle of singleness is the road I'm on right now. I don't want this blog (or my life for that matter) to be a pity party, so it's not something I like to dwell but to be honest, I do have some bad days.

But as I read through these posts and started thinking about my own life I was reminded of God's faithfulness.

If I had met my soul mate in high school, would I have gone far away to college and pursued my dreams? It's hard to know, but if I had gone, would I have really enjoyed it the way I did if my heart was somewhere else? Probably not.

If I had met THE guy in college, would I have gone to London for a semester? Maybe. But would it have been the same experience if I was missing someone in the States? Probably not.

If I was engaged or in a serious relationship when I graduated from college, would I have taken the job I loved or the one in the right location? Most definitely the latter.

Even at 25, which at some point I thought would be my ideal age for getting married, the thought of marriage was suffocating for me. And looking back now, I see that God knows all of these things and He knows what is right for me. Because I wouldn't give up any of my experiences to change where I am now.

I think about the place where God has brought me and see that it is beautiful. I can see that I've grown more in my relationship with Him over the last year than I had in a long time. I see that I needed the support I've found in the great community I have here and some down time for that to happen.

And the thing is, I love my life. Yes, my desire is to have a partner to enjoy it with, but in the meantime I can enjoy the freedom I have and the perks of the single life.

One last tidbit I was reminded of and encouraged by in the blog world is from Hebrews 13:8 "Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever." Regardless of circumstance.

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