Monday, October 11, 2010

This is not what the apples were for

I was trying to decide what to blog about on Sunday — I have a couple of recipes to post and I had a fun weekend (though I have no photo documentation). But then what was supposed to be a quiet Sunday night turned interesting.

It had been a busy day, and I was relaxing on the couch, trying to find some motivation to clean my kitchen. Then I started hearing some noises above me. I thought it was my upstairs neighbor, but I started noticing it was actually in the part of the ceiling that drops down for the air vent. And then I distinctly heard claws moving around. After several minutes, I decided I had to alert my landlord's dad, I'll just call him G, who lives upstairs and takes care of the building.

G opened a square opening in the ceiling that accesses the air vent. Of course whatever I heard had stopped moving. But he left the access point open, thinking it would be a small mouse or maybe a squirrel. And he went next door to his daughter's (my landlord) for dinner.

I tried to relax and watch TV but was completely aware of every sound. The next thing I know I look up and see a raccoon sticking its head out. I screamed, ran out the back door and next door to my landlord's house.

G came back over with his son-in-law and brooms. We got a few more glimpses of it (and proved that I wasn't crazy) and came up with a plan to set traps where the vent leads to in the utility area.

I had a bowl of apples sitting on my dining room table, and G asked me to cut a couple up and put peanut butter and chocolate on them to use in the traps.

By that point we had closed the opening, and I knew I wasn't going to have a raccoon in my apartment so I relaxed some. And I just had to laugh thinking that of all the ways I've thought of using my share, using it to trap a raccoon is not one of them.

I am still waiting for the raccoon to fall for the trap or for an exterminator to get it out of the vent, but I feel much better about the situation as of this posting.

I am reminded that one of the reasons I chose this apartment, which I rented based on some photos, was because G lived upstairs and would be around to fix any problems. I didn't anticipate a raccoon, but I am glad I had someone to run to. I'm pretty sure my last apartment manager would have called me on Monday morning and told me it was not an emergency.


  1. hahahaha Okay, this is not funny...but it totally is. I hope the raccoon makes his way back outside soon.

  2. I'm with Andrea - not funny, but yet so funny. Raccoons are not to be messed with; remind me to tell you about my dad's encounter. I think the title of this post is hilarious - a new way to use your share, for sure!