Wednesday, November 10, 2010

New things I'm enjoying in my life

1. A haircut
Really, it is my typical haircut, but I felt like my hair was so much longer than usual. My hair stylist was a little upset I wanted it short, but it cuts the drying time in half. It also marked a milestone for me in my adult life: The same person cut it three times in a row. Usually, I change stylists at every cut.

2. A fan
I have some sleep issues that I have mostly worked out by creating an ideal sleeping environment (and with medication). One of the things that I need in order to sleep is a fan. It's not for the cool air, just the white noise it produces. I always know when the power goes out because I wake up when the fan cuts off. Two weeks ago, my three-year-old fan finally bit the dust even after I took it apart and coated it in WD-40. My dehumidifier substituted for a while, but it was not a long-term solution. So this new sleek fan is making me pretty happy.

3. Holiday drinks at Starbucks
I don't drink caffeine (see above, I have sleep issues). But that doesn't mean I don't enjoy coffee drinks. I have to drive to get to a Starbucks, so I don't go very often. However, the peppermint mocha in November and December is my weakness. I look forward to it all year and had my first one of the season on Saturday.

4. An apron
Because until six months ago I didn't consider myself someone who cooks, I didn't see a reason to have an apron. And then I kind of felt silly buying myself an apron, so I didn't have one. But a couple of weeks ago I came home to a package from my parents that contained an apron. I now feel very official when I cook (or do dishes).

5. An ear warmer
The night before I was leaving to go camping I couldn't find my Eddie Bauer ear headband (is that what they're called?), which I've had since high school. The forecast for camping was for temperatures at least at freezing, if not below. I will on occasion wear a baseball hat, but I don't wear winter hats. So at lunch the next day I found myself downtown looking for an ear warmer. There are several vendors downtown selling a variety of items depending on the season and that is where I found my ear warmer. I have never seen a knitted headband like this, but it kept me warm and looks a bit cuter than my teal Eddie Bauer headband.

6. A new work computer
I realized this week I was losing hours of time waiting on my slow computer to load simple things. But it is one of those things I thought was normal because as a Mac user, I've never seen a fast PC. I finally cried out for help (i.e. sent an email) and was given a new, super-fast computer and suddenly saw how much better things could be!


  1. I HAVE to wear an apron when I cook! I find it so much easier than constantly being afraid of spilling something on my clothes.

  2. 1)We have a new Keurig coffee maker that makes fun coffee so we can play Starbucks while you are home.
    2) I think I tried to GIVE you a knitted headband/earwarmer and you turned me down.
    3) We have a frozen yogurt store on Frazier. Can we go every day?
    4) I like your haircut!

  3. 1) Love the haircut and didn't get to tell you when I saw you on Sunday (although it looked good long, too!). Yet another thing we are similar in - I have never, in my adult life, been to the same stylist more than twice, and the twice was only because I needed it fixed from the first cut. Are we afraid of commitment? ;)
    2) We are the perfect retreat roomies - I'm bringing my sound machine, if you want to leave your fan at home. I have 22 sounds to choose from, including plain old white noise (although I prefer Yosemite Falls).
    3) We are going to have to go for peppermint mochas so I can try them. They sound yummy!

  4. RE: hair stylist and Katherine's comment...I also never really liked going to the same person. I think it's variety and possibilities. Plus, I didn't really have a strong preference for how my hair would end up when I left (not good vs bad but short vs long and layered or not etc). But then I had a couple of not so great times and started committing to a stylist. It was scary. And awesome. I had commitment issues with the woman I go to now, but "go to" is loose as I've only been once months ago and finally made another appointment with her for next week. You crack me up and so do your commenters.