Friday, March 30, 2012

Photo dump

I was updating my iPhone and downloaded photos, so I thought I'd just do a picture post with all the random photos.

These popped up a few weeks ago, but I was so excited to see life in my yard. Of course now the weeds have taken over and the grass will start growing like crazy, but it's still nice.

I've probably said this before, but part of the reason I got to come to Missouri was because of the wienermobile. It sat outside the journalism school for a week and a half a few weeks ago, so of course I kept taking pictures of it.

I found this mistake while doing GRE homework, and yes, I take pictures of these things.

But I caught this mistake before it went in print. This was a very common mistake at my Georgia paper. But maybe I taught some students not to make it.

The farmer's market opened on Saturday. There's not a lot of stuff yet, but I'm still looking forward to having fresh vegetables again!

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