Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Some observations

I am back and actually unpacking my suitcase for a while. Not really sure how to recap everything but came up with this list of observations from my latest weekend away.

It is possible to have four flights in one weekend go off without a hitch. It just had never happened to me until this weekend.

I like flying out of smaller airports. I don't like walking three miles in the Charlotte airport, might be an exaggeration but you can get a good workout in that place.

I really confuse people when I explain where I've lived over the past nine years. People assume I've gone to the university in the town where I live or am attending there now, which brings up the fact I went to Missouri for school. And when my destination is Tennessee I have to explain that is where I grew up and somehow fit my time in Georgia in the conversation. So yes, I get strange looks, even more so when I say all of these moves have been in pursuit of a career.

I am not a morning person and even less so since I started living by myself. So while at home, I proceeded to ignore my family until I had some breakfast. But then a talkative guy (mid-50s and married, in case you are wondering) sat next to me while waiting to board a 6:15 a.m. flight. I don't generally like to talk to people on planes or airports, but at 5:30 a.m. you are really pushing me. Of course I had the conversation mentioned above, which made it even worse.

Tornadoes do come on mountains despite promises that this was not the case when I was younger. A major storm, and most likely a tornado, hit my hometown a few weeks ago. A tree came through my grandparents' house, and there was damage all over the neighborhood. My mom and I walked a trail nearby and found this:

"I think we might be grown-ups." A high school friend at the wedding I attended made this comment, and while I know it's true, it seems even more real when you are at the wedding of a friend you've known since middle school. Just have to throw in a (slightly blurry) pic with the bride:

 Attending a wedding in the same venue as junior prom and a party sophomore year brings back lots of memories.

The trips home where I don't make plans to see people are always the ones where I do see several. But it's good to be surprised by breakfast with a high school friend and seeing my Bible study leaders and their kids.

The longer I am away, the cooler my hometown gets or maybe my perspective just changes. Though it's been finished for a while, I visited the new art museum for the first time and enjoyed the beauty of the river. I also enjoyed some great restaurants.

It's always a blessing to go home and spend time with family, and this weekend was no exception. But I also realize after all these weekends of travel, I miss my friends in my current city. I'm looking forward to being present here and enjoying some fun things planned over the next few weeks that keep me in town.


  1. I always found the theory that tornados don't hit mountains suspicious. I like the dress you wore to the wedding!

  2. Be present here! haha That's my motto recently.

    Glad you had fun :)