Friday, July 6, 2012

Day 4: Ring of Kerry

My Internet at home has been very unreliable lately, and I have gone round and round with Mediacom. (If you tell me one day, don't schedule the service appointment on another day!) But uploading photos and attempting to blog are difficult when the Internet is cutting out every 15 minutes. So it's taking longer than I expected to get through the trip posts. Bear with me, the best stuff is coming.

And a sidenote, since in theory, this is a cooking blog. I made Pioneer Woman's blackberry cobbler for the Fourth. Eight adults ate the entire 9 x 13 cobbler even though it was competing with brownies on the dessert table. It was the easiest dessert I've ever made, and I don't think I ruined it by using almond milk instead of real milk. I had fresh blackberries, but I think it would also be really good with peaches. (I've got to get to the Farmer's Market early on Saturday to get some!)

OK, back to Ireland. On Day 4 we rode around the Ring of Kerry on Ireland's western coast and stopped for a lot of photo ops. It was incredibly windy, but it didn't rain, and we saw the sun a few times.

One of our stops was the Skellig Experience. We watched a video about these rock islands way off the coast that monks turned into a monastery. You can see them in the distance of this picture:

One of the islands had room for several monks, but the other island was for just one person. I guess if you really need some solitude. When I go back (when, not if), I'd like to take the boat trip out there and hike up the bigger one assuming the weather is good and I'm in good shape.

There was a lot of driving on this day, but it didn't feel like it because we stopped for lots of photo ops and the scenery was just breathtaking. This was the last photo op of the day at what is called Lady's View because that's where the ladies that served Queen Victoria picked out as a spot for her to go to. Queen Victoria declared it the most beautiful view in all of her kingdom. I disagreed because it saw much better views earlier in the day, but this one does say Ireland!

We headed back to Killarney for the second night. I did a little bit of exploring around the city and walked through part of a national park.

Next up: My favorite day!

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