Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Day 6: Knock and Derry

If you scroll down to the post below, you can see my Shutterfly photo book of the trip. When I selected embeding it in blogger, I didn't realize it would post it immediately, oh well.

Not much was going to compete with the Cliffs of Moher, and I felt like this day was a bit of a break. I think I slept every time we got on the bus, and I never even pulled out my big camera, just snapped some stuff with my iPhone. It also rained a lot. But it was nice to have a relaxing day.

Our first stop was Knock, where there is a large shrine. Villagers saw a vision of the Virgin Mary there in 1879. The shrine is the very modern building in the pictures and seems out of place with all of the older buildings everywhere else.

There is a whole wall that has spigots with holy water.

The next stop was the churchyard where W.B. Yeats was buried.

We had lunch in Donegal Bay, but I don't have photos to prove it. We drove into Northern Ireland to our hotel in Derry. We went on a tour of Derry and had an excellent local tour guide. I've always known there was a lot of unrest in Northern Ireland, but I just didn't realize how raw things were there. There was a very different feeling in Northern Ireland compared to the Republic of Ireland. It was pretty obvious there aren't that many tourists in Derry; in fact, everywhere we went in Northern Ireland, everyone was telling us to come back and send friends.

Derry is a walled city, and on the tour we got to walk on the top of the walls, something that wasn't possible a few years ago. And fortunately, the rain stopped for that part.

Next up: The Northern Ireland coast and Giant's Causeway

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  1. Meant to tell you about some of the stuff going on there after we left that I kept seeing on the news while in England. Many people still pretty raw.