Thursday, July 26, 2012

Things that happen when I have cable

I watch episodes of Gilmore Girls on TV with commercials even though I own every season on DVD and could watch it without commercials.

I discover a Grey's Anatomy marathon. And I sit and watch it despite the fact I could watch every season without commercials on Netflix.

I find all the terrible TV shows I didn't know existed. Who gave Bristol Palin her own reality show? It was such a train wreck, I couldn't look away or change the channel for 15 minutes. And these reality shows: The Glass House? I don't even know what the point is or at least I couldn't figure it out in the 10 minutes I stayed on it.

I realize that it's never enough. I was looking at the TV schedule for the Olympics and found that a lot of it is on the NBC Sports Network. Guess what channel I don't get. Yep. No soccer for me on my TV.  The good news is I'll be at my parents' house for the soccer finals, and I'm assuming they have better TV than me and they have DVR.

And I knew I wasn't getting HBO with this deal, but all this chatter about The Newsroom makes me feel like there is something else I'm missing.

So I'm starting to wonder what everyone thinks I've been missing during the last year without cable (and really without live TV at all for much of that). I'm hoping football season and the fall TV lineup make it worth it.

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