Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Tour of mid-Missouri

J and I have had some fun dates. J grew up here, and it's really fun to see the area through his eyes. Plus I had no idea some of the places he takes me even existed, much less how to get to them.

One weekend, it was really hot, and we decided to drive to Jefferson City, the state capital. J showed me a couple of projects he worked on, and we got some excellent ice cream from the dairy that is based there. We also saw the governor on a walk.

On the way back, we drove through some very small towns. And he showed me the farm where his grandparents lived and his mom grew up. There's even a town and a street named for his grandfather.

Another weekend we had tickets to see Camelot in a town called Arrow Rock. First we stopped so I could pick out some cowboy boots.

And then we got to Arrow Rock and explored the little town. There is a theater there that puts on pretty big productions, and the town obviously capitalizes on the tourists headed to the shows. But there are a few historical buildings, including the old newspaper, The Saline County Herald. Of course I needed a picture:

And there is actually a rock in the shape of an arrow.

We had some wonderful fried chicken at this tavern, where the waiters dress in costume. And then the show was also really good. I couldn't believe how great the actors were.

This weekend the tour of mid-Missouri is taking us to Amish country, where there is a bulk food store. I'm hoping it's as good as Yoder's.


  1. You need to plan a trip to Kansas City. Remember you have a place to stay!!!

  2. I'm probably going to Yoder's this weekend. I'll pretend we're on the same trip.