Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Day 7: Giant's Causeway and Belfast

From Derry, we traveled along the Northern Ireland coast to Giant's Causeway. The coast was beautiful, maybe even more beautiful than the southern coast or maybe it had just been a day or so since we had been on the coast.

Giant's Causeway is a rock formation on the coast that was formed by an underwater volcano. I loved walking out to some of the points farther out and higher. There was also a rock in the shape of a boot off to the side.

After Giant's Causeway, we traveled to Belfast to go to the brand-new Titanic museum (remember how I said there was a Titanic theme?). The Titanic was built in Belfast, and the museum was built at the shipyard where the Titanic was built. It was a pretty incredible museum, very modern and interactive. There were some things I thought were overdone. I didn't really need to be in a moving car to see the exhibit on what it was like to work on the Titanic. And as I said in the post about Derry, there is definitely an effort in Northern Ireland to be more tourist-friendly.

From Belfast, we drove back to Dublin for our final night and farewell dinner. We went to a place called the Abbey Tavern where we had dinner, and there was an Irish band and Irish dancers. It was a lot of fun, and several people from our tour group volunteered to go on stage to dance and to clap along with the band. We had a last drink with the group in the hotel bar and said goodbye. I was surprised how much I enjoyed everyone's company on the trip and that it was sad to say goodbye to these people.

Next up: A return to London

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